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You need a bigger lever

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” – Archimedes
I love this quote from Archimedes.
It makes for a great metaphor when thinking about the brain, your mind and your inner power.
When it comes to success in life, most people focus on the externals.
If they’re trying to lose weight, they focus on the specific diet plan they’re going to follow, how many calories they’re going to eat, what gym they’re going to go to.
Important, necessary, even critical, steps…
…but they’re NOT the deciding factor in whether someone succeeds with their weight loss goals.
Same goes for business.
Someone decides they’d like to grow their business. They make a plan. A list of all the things required. The marketing and ads they’ll run. They people they’ll hire. How much everything will cost. How much profit they’ll be making after the change.
Just like the diet and workout plan above, these steps are important, necessary and in many cases, critical…
…but they’re NOT the causal factor when it comes to actually reaching the goal, and I’ll prove it to you:
If knowing WHAT to do was all that mattered, every person on this beautiful planet would be rich, famous, admired, respected, the epitome of health and vitality.
I mean, think about it…
Thanks to Google, we now have more knowledge than we know what to do with.
If you want to lose weight, the information is freely available.
Same goes for just about anything in business, thanks to the abundance of podcasts, blog posts, and free content.
Yet despite the abundance of information on how to achieve various goals, most people STILL struggle enormously with actually reaching their goals.
Whether it’s money, health, weight loss, love, sex or even happiness, there’s no denying the fact that MOST PEOPLE FAIL.
It’s definitely NOT because people don’t know what to do.
So what is it then?
It’s the internal stuff.
The mental game.
Your level of emotional intelligence and emotional mastery.
If you’re looking for the GREATEST LEVER known to man, look no further than your inner game.
Business, fitness, love and sex, even happiness… it’s an internal game.
Get that part right, and the rest is natural and effortless. No difficulty is too great, no challenge too difficult. You KNOW you can do pretty much anything… this “knowing” is BEYOND the intellectual. You FEEL it in your bones.
But get this wrong, and it won’t matter what you do, how many books and blogs you read, or who you talk to.
So my question for you is:
Is your inner game as tight as it could be or do you need a tune-up?
Most people need a tune-up… sometimes a massive one.
If you’re not getting the results you’d like in your life, whether it’s business, health or your relationships, there’s a good chance your inner game needs work.
Schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session with me today and let’s talk about how to get your inner game razor sharp:
Developing a rock-solid, bulletproof mindset isn’t easy… but it’s relatively straightforward, especially once you know what steps to follow.
And once you’ve got that, well… NOTHING will ever stop you again…
Don’t settle for a life less than you’re capable of living.
Book in a FREE Breakthrough Session today, and let’s build your bulletproof mindset today…
– John
P.S. If not now, when?
It’s easy to put stuff like this off, because your to-do list is a mile long and you “just don’t have time for it”.
But your to-do list ain’t gonna do shit until and UNLESS you get your mindset and inner game dialed in.
Your to-do list can wait.
Your dream life can’t.
Schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session now and let’s work together to take your life to the next level:

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