The Lighthouse And The Rocks - That Which Is Aware

The Lighthouse And The Rocks

Building an industry-shifting business and doing just about anything in life is a bit like trying to sail a beautiful boat into a gorgeous safe harbour.

You are the boat.

The gorgeous safe harbour is the promised land of milk and honey… the land of fame and fortune and unlimited freedom.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to sail your beautiful boat into the harbour so you can collect your “milk and honey” and live happily ever after.

The only problem?


Large, sharp, dangerous rocks…

…lining the tiny entrance to the harbour.

Rocks that will smash your ship to pieces and send you crying back to mommy or daddy.

Rocks that make even the bravest of sailors shake with fear.

Rocks that stand guard at the entrance of the harbour, ensuring only the best of captains and sailors make it through.

Fortunately, there’s a tall, white lighthouse on the peninsular.

This lighthouse is your saviour.

Rain, hail or storm, it will guide you safely into the harbour… if you pay attention to it’s beam of light, and take its “advice” in the form of where to sail and where not to sail.

It’s just like building your business or any other creative endeavour.

You are the boat.

The harbour is your target financial goal or impact goal for the business.

The rocks are all the problems and challenges along the path… not having enough clients or customers, not knowing what to charge, not having the right staff in the right positions, not having marketing that works, and so on.

And the lighthouse?

The lighthouse is your coach or mentor.

Someone who has “been there, done that”… who can shine a bright light on the risks, challenges and problems on your path, and show you exactly how to overcome them.

There’s no question about it…

If you don’t have a mentor or coach for your business, you are making it REALLY hard on yourself.

In fact, you’re practically guaranteed to fail.

So if you don’t have a mentor or coach yet, FIND ONE.

Your financial future depends upon it.

If you’d like me to be your lighthouse – your coach and mentor – schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me and we can discuss options.

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– John

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