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If You Don’t MASTER Your Emotions, Your Emotions Will OWN You

Stress, fear, self-doubt, overwhelm, anxiety and frustration.
Difficult emotions.
Challenging emotions.
If you’re not careful, these emotions will leak into your day and routine, erode your confidence, and wreck your dreams and goals.
Stress and anxiety will destroy your decision-making ability.
Fear and self-doubt will prevent you from moving forward.
Frustration and overwhelm will paralyze you.
Uh-oh 🙁
How do you MASTER difficult emotions such as these?
The first step to mastering difficult emotions is to realize that they are EMOTIONS… NOT thoughts.
They CAUSE thoughts, but they are NOT thoughts.
This is a critical distinction because if you fail to understand this, you’ll use the wrong tool for the job.
It’s like the overweight dude at the gym who thinks running for 20 minutes on the treadmill will turn him into a Men’s Health fitness model. No dude. You just eat too fucking much.
For example, most people get into positive thinking, gratitude and meditation in order to cope with difficult emotions like stress and anxiety.
The PROBLEM with these techniques is that they only address the MENTAL component of the problem… the resulting THOUGHT, which is a SYMPTOM of an underlying FEELING.
That means, positive thinking, gratitude and meditation are essentially BAND-AIDS when it comes to emotional issues.
Sure, they’ll stop the bleeding, but you need SURGERY.
If you continue to use band-aids, you won’t resolve the problem. The emotional pattern of stress, anxiety, fear, doubt or overwhelm will continue to OWN you… over and over and over again, UNTIL and UNLESS you find a way to master it.
How do you MASTER your emotions?
Put simply, instead of resisting them, or applying band-aids to the problem, EMBRACE them and FEEL THEM completely.
This will hurt, but don’t worry – it’s just like a physical massage. Life experience comes in. It hits your emotional triggers, and if you simply let go, it will roll out your emotional knots faster than you would have thought possible.
If you need more information on how to do this, book in a Breakthrough Session and I’ll help you get clear on 3 things:
1 – What SPECIFIC emotional pattern are you struggling with and why?
2 – What would life be like WITHOUT this emotional pattern?
3 – What can you do TODAY to master this emotion and perform at your best?
The goal is to help you get CLARITY on what’s not working, VALUE in terms of what to do about it, and hopefully, have some fun while we’re at it.
If that sounds good to you, book in a FREE Breakthrough Session here.

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