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It’s easier than you think.

One of my private clients (you know who you are) thought she would never be able to follow her dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

Her business – a company that makes custom-labeled bottled water for cafes, restaurants and other businesses – was her primary focus.

That was what she thought she SHOULD do… for all sorts of reasons.

It was the logical, smart thing to do.

It was what friends and family understood.

It was what the world understood and respected.

Makes sense, right?

Great business. Nice car. Expensive things.

All the external indicators of success, except the one thing that TRULY mattered…

Inner satisfaction.

Deep down, what she really wanted to do was to become a tattoo artist. She fell in love with tattoos when she was young, and if money was no object, that was what she would be doing.

But before she met me, she wasn’t following her dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

No one would understand.

Her friends and family wouldn’t get it.

She thought it was impossible… that it would always remain a “dream”. She wasn’t taking it seriously.

Then she met me, and I asked her a really complicated question (that changed everything for her)…

“Why not?”

This simple question triggered a chain reaction of choices, and I’m stoked to say that this private client has been pursuing her dream of becoming a tattoo artist for over a year now.

She bought a tattoo gun, hired a tattoo coach and found local “skin” to practice on. She’s averaging one tattoo EVERY WEEK and is already LIVING her dream.

And while she’s still running the water business, she no longer feels trapped by her situation, and inner satisfaction is HERS.

I have no doubt that if she continues down this path, applying every I taught her, and staying true to her own heart’s calling and passion, she will one day become a popular and possibly even famous tattoo artist.

So, question:

Why not YOU?

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever stage of life you’re in…

…you’ve got something you want to do.

Maybe you’re doing it, but my guess is that if you read this post, you’re NOT currently living the life of your dreams.

If you’re NOT living your dream life already, my question for you is the same question I asked my private client:

Why not?

Life is short.

…WAY too short to be living someone else’s life.

If you’d like to make a change and start moving towards your dream life, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session and let me help you here.

In your free session, we’ll look at what’s not working in your life right now, and where you’d like to go. I’ll help you get clear on your goal, on your vision of your ideal future. And if I can help you get there, I’ll absolutely tell you and show you how.

But – and this is KEY – you have to be committed.

I CAN help you, but only if you’re willing to help yourself.

If you are COMMITTED… if you BELIEVE your life can be absolutely EPIC… and if you just need a little helping hand…

…schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session and let me help you:

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– John

P.S. 2 weeks from now, 1 month from now… your life could be completely different.

As in, completely, totally, utterly different.

Not just different, but 10x different.

Not just 10x different, but 10x more awesome. 10x more epic. 10x more enjoyable. 10x more exciting.

But it’ll only change if you DECIDE to change today.

If you’re ready to change and create your BEST LIFE TODAY, schedule your FREE Breakthrough Session here and let me help you:

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