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How To Eliminate Fear Forever

So, I cried this morning.

Me. The skeptic. The intellectual. The thinker. The guy who used to “logic” his own emotions.

But I didn’t cry tears of sadness.

I cried tears of joy.

I can count the number of times I’ve cried in the last 5 years on one hand, so I’m not typically brought to tears.

But I realized something profound this morning while walking around a lake near my apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and it made me cry despite it being out of character.

I’d been thinking about my mission and purpose with this new business, and about the various challenges and puzzles I need to solve.

Typically, we don’t like challenges and problems. We just want to get what we want and be done with it.

Even if we’re optimistic and embrace our problems and challenges, it’s usually only done with the belief that we’ll get through them quicker that way.

Ultimately, we’re still running from our problems (especially how they make us feel). We’re still constructing lives so we don’t feel uncomfortable feelings.

Despite what society tells us, this is not freedom.

This is a prison, because it means we’re forever on the treadmill of life, running really fast, but never actually finding true peace.


I recently launched a new business and program where I help people have similar shifts to what I’m describing in this post.

To that end, I’ve booked 8 Breakthrough Calls with the goal of enrolling people into an 8-week program, but I have enrolled no one.

Money is tight, my back’s against the wall, and the fear in me wants this to work NOW, as soon as possible, because if it doesn’t work… well, who knows that’s going to happen?

Cause for concern?

If I was willing to stay in fear, absolutely.

It’s the fear that leads to thoughts of…

“What if this doesn’t work?”

“What if I run out of money?”

“What will people think about me if I fail?”

“Oh I’m so stupid. Maybe I should just give up…”

But today, thanks to the very tools I’m teaching others, I realized that despite the challenges I’m facing, instead of fear, I actually feel a profound sense of peace about everything.

Now, that’s partly because I believe in the mission behind this business. I honestly feel called by some power other than myself to do it. I can’t explain it. I know that sounds “woo woo”. I don’t care. That feeling is real.

But that wasn’t the part that made me cry.

I also realized that if I had enrolled someone on the first call, I never would have gotten to have this experience of my own ability to find peace regardless of my life situation.

That realization lead to another realization that the apparent problem of 0 enrolments out of 8 booked calls was NOT a problem, but rather a GIFT from the universe. A gift that allowed me to develop my emotional muscle, and hone my ability to find true peace within.

But that wasn’t all.

All of a sudden, I realized that if going 0 for 8 was a gift that allowed me to evolve and grow, then so was going 0 for 20, or even 0 for 40.

So was every single other problem or challenge I’d faced in my life.

My parents’ divorce. Going to 3 different schools and finding it hard to fit in. Feeling supremely lost and aimless in my early 20s. Struggling to find fulfilment in my business, despite everything looking good on the outside.

It’s all just one big opportunity to evolve beyond my own limitations, doubts and fears.

And that’s when the fear dissolved into peace, love and joy.

I realized that it didn’t actually matter whether I went 0 for 8, 0 for 20, or 0 for any number of calls.

I realized that it didn’t matter what other problems and challenges popped up along the way, because ANY problem or challenge was a gift that paved the way for realizing the profound peace and joy that was already inside me, just waiting to be acknowledged.

And that’s when I started to cry 😭

Because I realized that I didn’t need anything or anyone outside me to feel utterly peaceful and joyful.

The only thing I needed to do was simply tune into the peace, love and joy that was already there.

So if you’ve got some problems and challenges in your life, and let’s face it, we ALL have problems and challenges, whether it’s someone close to us dying, something someone said about us, an intimate relationship that just ended, or even something trivial like the weather or getting cut off in traffic, see if you can embrace it, not just as a means to get through it, but as a means to evolve, grow, and move deeper into the limitless peace, love, joy and happiness that is ALREADY inside you.

And see if you can embrace any and all future problems and challenges in the same way, as gifts from the universe or as gifts from god, given to you for your own personal evolution, so you can become who the universe needs you to be.

Ironically, I believe that not only will this make you feel better and be happier, it’ll actually make it easier for you to be successful with your life as a whole.

I’ve found this be true in my own life.

I’m currently fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve been. I have an incredible intimate relationship with someone who I absolutely adore. It’s not that we haven’t had challenges, but we’ve both been able to let go and move deeper into love, and it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve healed old wounds with my family, and I now enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable relationship with my parents, my sister, and all of my extended family.

Admittedly, this is yet to translate to financial results in this new business, but even there, I know it’s only a matter of time.

Most importantly, I feel more alive, excited and fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

So, IF you apply these tools in your own life, I really do believe that you can experience a similar transformation.

You’ll become more generous, kind and loving. You’ll have more energy, and optimism will become your natural state.

Plus, your performance and productivity will improve in every area of your life, leading to better results, because instead of worrying about the challenges that stand in your way, you’ll simply do what needs to be done.

Not because you’re afraid of the alternative, but simply as an expression of your higher self.

In a sense, you’ll never have another “problem” in your life, because you’ll now be welcoming “problems” as tools for your own growth.

This is emotional resilience at the highest level, and I believe it’s the BEST thing you can do for yourself, your clients, and the universe at large.

It’s like a friend of mine says:

“Once you can be grateful for every challenge and problem you’ve ever had and ever will have, you’ll tap into an inner source of power that defies defies description and knows no limits.”

Questions? Post ’em below.

For now, love and peace ❤✌

– John

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