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How to earn less than $1 per hour (part 2 of 3)

Last we spoke {{ subscriber.first_name }}, I’d just mentioned a trump card that the world’s top performers use to achieve success in whatever they choose.

Remember, this trump card is NOT about working harder OR working smarter.

In fact, this trump card has nothing to do with what’s OUTSIDE you.

In other words, this trump card is NOT…

  • how hard you work
  • how smart you work
  • your habits
  • your morning routine
  • who you know
  • how much capital you have to invest
  • how handsome or good looking you are
  • whether you’re a natural writer or not
  • what products or courses you have
  • what guru or method you subscribe to

While all of these things DO matter, they are drops in the bucket when compared with what’s going on INSIDE you.

For this discussion, let’s call this your MINDSET.

Here’s the thing –

Your mindset is absolutely critical.

You will WIN or LOSE this game with your mindset.

This is as true for business as it is for the gym, losing weight, falling in love, and every single other thing in life.

I don’t know about you, but I love to lift weights. I’m in the gym 4 times a week, squatting, deadlifting, benching and so on.

What’s interesting is that the stronger I get, the more it becomes a mental game.

I’ve realized that I can have a bad workout based on my mindset.

That is, if I screw up what’s inside my head, either before or during the workout, it’s gameover.

I’m too tired, I give up on my reps early or I get injured.

Either way, I’m done.

So PLEASE understand this –

The battle is won or lost in your MIND.

The question is…

How do you improve your mindset?

Well, I’ll tell you this –

It’s not about random, hodgepodge techniques like positive thinking, gratitude journals, or even something powerful like meditation.

Thing is, these are all tactics. Tactics for improving your mindset.

The problem with tactics is that unless you plug them into a proven strategy, they never end up working properly.

This is why countless people have tried positive thinking, gratitude and meditation without seeing results.

So, let me give you the strategy that ties them all together.

The strategy revolves around your self-image.

Your self-image is “the way you see yourself”.

It’s the collection of feelings, beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself, about what you deserve, what you’re good at, how fast you learn, and so on.

Most people have a negative, downtrodden self-image, which is why they keep attracting and creating failure in their lives.

While they might try positive thinking, gratitude and meditation, unless they direct these tactics, techniques and tools at improving their self-image, it’s all for naught.

Until and unless their self-image changes, they will keep going around in a vicious circle.

On the other hand, if you learn how to change your self-image directly, you’ll find that you naturally wind up thinking positive, being grateful and appreciating the present moment.

These qualities will become part of who you are, and success will feel natural, effortless, like you deserve it, as though it’s simply meant to be.

Want some specific techniques and tools for improving your mindset and self-image?

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post.

– John

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