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Have You Been MISLEAD By Self-Help Gurus?

If you’ve been around self-help and business circles for a while, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that what’s INSIDE your head is more important than what’s OUTSIDE your head.

What else explains how some people can come from the most screwed up circumstances and race past us towards their goals?

In most cases, it’s not your life situation that’s holding you back.

It’s what’s going on inside your head.

Now, you already know this.

That’s why you’re here, in a funny little group called “Invisible Edge Entrepreneurs”.

But here’s the thing you might not be aware of…

What’s inside your head isn’t one big thing.

It’s actually TWO big things:

#1 – Your thoughts

#2 – Your emotions

Make sense?

Now –

Your thoughts and emotions are two VERY different things and they require VERY different tools.

If you take a tool that’s designed to work at the level of your thoughts and try to use it to fix an emotional issue… YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME.

It’s like trying to hammer a nail in with a screwdriver.

It simply doesn’t work.

Here’s why this is important, and why I think you’ve probably been mislead by self-help gurus:

Most issues that we face in business and in life are ultimately EMOTIONAL issues.

Fear. Stress. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Anger. Depression.

These are ALL emotions.

But what are the tools that self-help gurus preach?

Positive thinking. Gratitude journals. Writing down your values. Even meditation.

But these are all MENTAL tools. They all relate to your THOUGHTS… not your emotions.

For example, positive thinking is about THINKING positive thoughts. Gratitude journals are for thinking about what you’re grateful for. Meditation is about QUIETING THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD, which is still playing at the mental level.

Therefore, most self-help is powerless with emotional issues.

I’ll prove it to you.

Have you ever noticed that you repeat the same basic pattern, over and over again, regardless of how much positive thinking and meditation you do?

Have you ever felt like, no matter what happens on the outside, how you feel on the outside doesn’t change that much?

Have you ever found yourself running into the same emotional “blockage” over and over and over again, despite being a meditator, positive thinker, and gratitude journaler?

I thought so.

Look, if you’re desperate to solve an EMOTIONAL problem, but you only apply tools on the MENTAL plane (ie. thought), you will NOT be able to resolve your emotional issue.

It’s simply the wrong tool for the job.

What’s the right tool?

You need to learn how to dissolve your negative emotional patterns at the root. You do this by developing the ability to feel your feelings without thinking about them, much like you eat a pizza without thinking about it. You just want to taste the damn pizza. Do THAT with your emotions.

“TASTE” them.

Is there more to it than that?

YES, but feeling your emotions without thinking about them is where you start, and that’ll get you going.

If you’d like some help with this, book in a FREE breakthrough session: https://www.thatwhichisaware.com/talk/

In your Breakthrough Session, I’ll help you get clear on 3 things:

#1 – What’s not working emotionally right now and what SPECIFIC negative emotional pattern is holding you back?

#2 – What would your life look like WITHOUT that pattern?

#3 – What’s the most effective way to get there?

If I can help you get there, we can talk about what that would look like. And if not, I’ll point you to a book or resource that can help you better than I can.

Book your FREE Breakthrough Session here: https://www.thatwhichisaware.com/talk/

Remember, you can’t solve an emotional problem with a mental tool. Positive thinking, gratitude journals and meditation can only do so much. Sooner or later, you are going to need to dissolve your negative emotional patterns. Otherwise, they’ll chase you forever.

– John

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